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Heartfelt Photo
Say you love me! (detail) David Ostrem 2013


In Heartfelt 2013, the Vancouver Print Room revisits Torrie Groening's 1997 printmaking project and touring exhibition addressing the timeless theme of love. Heartfelt 2013 includes the prints created for Heartfelt 1997 by thirteen notable British Columbia artists, including Jack Shadbolt, Vikky Alexander, Eric Metcalf and Ed Pien; works from Groening's ongoing series of Valentine prints created over the past 20 years; selected works from the Vancouver Print Room's collection, which include San Francisco artists Deborah Oropallo and Katie Gilmartin; and existing and newly created love-themed pieces from guest artists.


Michael Abraham small
Michael Abraham
Vikky Alexander small
Vikky Alexander
  Anonymous small
Gillian Armitage small
Gillian Armitage
Valerie  Arntzen small
Valerie Arntzen
Heather Aston small
Heather Aston
Joe Average small
Joe Average
Doug Biden small
Doug Biden
Chris Blades small
Chris Blades
Kitty Blandy small
Kitty Blandy
Tom Bowen small
Tom Bowen
Stacey Carter small
Stacey Carter
Karen Curry small
Karen Curry
Dagmar Dahle small
Dagmar Dahle
Jamie Evrard small
Jamie Evrard
Katie  Gilmartin small
Katie Gilmartin
Lori Goldberg small
Lori Goldberg
Angela Gooliaff small
Angela Gooliaff
Susan Gransby small
Susan Gransby
Torrie Groening small
Torrie Groening
Torrie Groening small
Torrie Groening
Angela Grossmann small
Angela Grossmann
Braden Haggerty small
Braden Haggerty
Tiko Kerr small
Tiko Kerr
Davida Kidd small
Davida Kidd
Deborah Koenker small
Deborah Koenker
Jurgen Konigs small
Jurgen Konigs
Leslie Lowinger small
Leslie Lowinger
Lisa MacLean small
Lisa MacLean
Eric Metcalfe small
Eric Metcalfe
Carel Moiseiwitsch small
Carel Moiseiwitsch
Brian Musson small
Brian Musson
Toni Onley small
Toni Onley
Deborah Oropallo small
Deborah Oropallo
David Ostrem small
David Ostrem
David Ostrem small
David Ostrem
Francesca Pastine small
Francesca Pastine
Ross Penhall small
Ross Penhall
Ed Pien small
Ed Pien
Jack Shadbolt small
Jack Shadbolt
Jack Shadbolt small
Jack Shadbolt
Craig Sibley small
Craig Sibley
Matthew Silverberg small
Matthew Silverberg
Catherine Stewart small
Catherine Stewart
Sarah Uldall small
Sarah Uldall
Jan Wurm small
Jan Wurm
Robert Young small
Robert Young


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